How to get a stranger to watch your luggage

My work requires that I travel. A lot. I spend so much time in airports that I can recite the security announcement from memory: “Do not leave your baggage unattended. Unattended baggage will be removed or destroyed by airport security… ” A few days ago I was at LaGuardia waiting to board a flight to DC. I’d been sitting at the gate for a while. The security recording had played at least three times. Moments after the last broadcast ended [...]

Become A More Effective Leader In Just 10 Minutes a Day

Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); One of the great joys of my job is the opportunity to reconnect with participants after a program and do follow-up coaching. I always begin these sessions by asking: “What can I help you with?” Last week a leader told me that she needed to get better at having hard conversations with her employees. “I try to be direct and honest with them, but somehow the conversations always go sour.” She went on to [...]

Reverse Mentoring and other tips from the C-Suite

Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); Last week I had the privilege of attending the HMG Strategy Summit of America. 400 CIOs and other technology leaders spent the day sharing ideas, insights and best practices. During the final networking session of the day I became curious about what people had learned and started asking folks: What’s been your biggest takeaway today? Here’s what they said: Reverse Mentoring I love this idea of pairing a Baby Boomer with a Millennial. I [...]

How’re ya doing with those New Year’s Resolutions?

Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide();February 1st. Today is the day. Today is the day that Joanne, my trainer, says attendance at the gym will drop dramatically: “Oh yeah, like clockwork. I see it every year. First day of February all those people that got gym memberships to get into shape will give up on their resolutions.” She called this period after making a New Year’s resolution “the honeymoon”. “Everybody has good intentions, but it takes more than that to [...]

I’ve Been Quoted in!

Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); Thrilled that one of my clients thought to credit me with helping her build confidence at work. Kerri Palmer is Senior Vice President, Risk Management, and head of the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Network at Capital One. She was recently asked to be a guest blogger for Forbes / Entrepreneur. Her article: Want To Be More Confident? Stop Doing These 7 Things shares some wonderful insights. Have a read.    [...]

Slowing Down To Speed Up

Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); Last week Tiara International, invited me to speak at one of their Global Women’s Virtual Round Table discussions. I was flattered to be asked to join the conversation as they explored the concept that it’s important for woman to learn to slow down—in order to speed up. The conversation is available on Blog Talk Radio. Recovery is Essential for Great Performance The belief that recovery time is essential for performance is a view that the [...]

Leadership, Improv & a better LIFE

Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); My husband has been teaching a drop-in improv class in Manhattan every Wednesday night for the last 7 years. Scotty Watson teaching Improvisation Since it’s a drop-in class he never knows who is going to be there. Originally he assumed that his students would be young and aspiring actors wanting to sharpen their comedy chops and get some stage time. What surprised him was who started to show up:  An Project Manager from Madison [...]


Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); Recently I posted several tips to help Women with their Executive Presence. The final tip in that series was: Ask for a raise if you find out that a colleague is being paid more than you are for the same work. My last post took a look at what to avoid when asking for more money. Today I’ll focus on what to do when gearing up to ask for that bigger paycheck. It’s about [...]


Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); Yesterday I finished a list of tips on Executive Presence For Women. The last tip in the series was to ask for a raise if you find out a colleague is being paid more for the same work. Today we’ll focus on what to avoid when asking for more money. THE DON’Ts Don’t ask for a raise if your employer is having financial challenges. Do your research. Evaluate the health of your company by [...]


Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); This week I moved from a PC world to Apple. I had to learn several new programs and how to ‘talk’ to my new track pad. No more double clicking in the middle of the pad. Now I had to remember to use my left hand on the lower left corner of the thing. What! I have to work 2 handed now? OY. I’m also rehearsing a new one-woman show and have about 30 [...]