Executive Presence

Coping with Stage Fright

Last week I shared a post on the fact that Even Starts Get Stage Fright. Afterward I received dozens of requests for more tips on handling presentation nerves. Plus, a few folks sent me tricks of their own. It’s a rich topic, so here we go: Smile! Smiling is a simple, but powerful way to manage nerves, reduce stress, and look more confident. Wonderfully, research from Penn State University found a forced smile is equally as effective as a natural one! [...]

Walk your Talk: The Benefits of The Walking Meeting

When I was a kid the scariest place to be told to go was… the Principal’s office. The nasally voice of our school secretary would blast over the intercom and unaware, someone would be summoned:  “Carol Lempert please report to Mr. Storman’s office. Carol Lempert to Mr. Storman’s office.” Uh oh. Big Trouble. After the announcement, everyone in class would look down at their shoes and breathe a sigh of relief. It wasn’t their name that had been called. The [...]


It’s a Balancing Act. Especially for Women Work/Life balance isn’t the only balance that women in business need to balance. Showing up with strong Executive Presence requires a distinctive kind of balancing and it can be a tightrope. On the one side is the risk of appearing “too feminine” (which can undermine our credibility) and on the other is the danger of acting “too masculine” (which can cause some male colleagues to think we are being witchy.) Here are some [...]


This sardonic question was posed by a reporter to a panel of scientists at the New York Academy of Sciences a few years ago. Courtesy of Upworthy, a video of the answer has been making to rounds of facebook, linkedin and twitter this week. The question refers to comments made by former Treasury Secretary and Harvard University President Lawrence Summers, who had publically suggested that “genetic differences” might explain why fewer women are in the sciences than men. The query created [...]