Treat your Meeting like a Classroom

Better Meetings. Better Learning. I recently met a hip young woman who’d left a lucrative job in PR. She’d been a Meeting Planner at a very high-end company coordinating special events; the kinds of events where you-have-to-know-somebody-who-knows-somebody to even get on the waiting list. The kind that end up on Page Six of the New York Post. So I asked: Why on earth would you leave such a cool job? Her answer? I got sick of going to so many [...]

Leading the Introverts in your Organization

  My husband has a BIG personality. He’s gregarious at parties, loves to tell jokes and has been known to wear a dress – for a laugh. (He’s a professional comedian.)  If you met him you’d guess that he was naturally outgoing. The classic extrovert. But my husband is deeply introverted. After a performance or a dinner party or even a long business meeting he needs to be by himself for a few hours to recharge his battery. In fact, [...]