10 Ways to say NO to Perfectionism this January

My final speaking gig last year was at the annual conference of Women in Communications and Energy. They had a great lunch activity. Sit with someone you don’t know and share the best advise you’ve ever received. Afterward a few people volunteered to share something they heard during the meal that was meaningful for them. This one stuck with me all through the holidays: My lunch partner told me about her Grandma Rose. Grandma Rose had 8 kids and always [...]

5 Time Management Tips for Leaders

Saturday afternoon I had a long conversation with a family friend. She wanted my advice. One of her personal development goals this year is to get better at time management: “I just want to find a few more minutes everyday to get things done.” I replied: “Well, tomorrow morning you’ll have an extra hour to do anything you want.” We shared a laugh. Talking about needing to find more time, on the night we were going to be resetting our [...]

How’re ya doing with those New Year’s Resolutions?

February 1st. Today is the day. Today is the day that Joanne, my trainer, says attendance at the gym will drop dramatically: “Oh yeah, like clockwork. I see it every year. First day of February all those people that got gym memberships to get into shape will give up on their resolutions.” She called this period after making a New Year’s resolution “the honeymoon”. “Everybody has good intentions, but it takes more than that to get into the habit of [...]

The best athletes and performers have coaches. Shouldn’t you?

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan but currently live in New York. When you are born and raised in Detroit, but move to New York, who are you supposed to cheer for when the Detroit Tigers play off against the New York Yankees? The question gets more complicated when you are watching the last game of a 5 game series with your entire family in a den in Michigan while on a visit home for the holidays! Figuring [...]

For better learning practice learning to learn

This week I moved from a PC world to Apple. I had to learn several new programs and how to ‘talk’ to my new track pad. No more double clicking in the middle of the pad. Now I had to remember to use my left hand on the lower left corner of the thing. What! I have to work 2 handed now? OY. I’m also rehearsing a new one-woman show and have about 30 pages of script to memorize. Practice [...]


I recently came across two articles on the same day. One was about the history of Rescue Annie – the training mannequin used for teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) The other was about how attorneys use mock and moot court to test legal theories. The practice of using simulations to prepare people for real working conditions is not new. Nor is it especially revolutionary. For over 50 years the model UN has sponsored academic simulations for students all over the world. These [...]


Does the longer you’ve been on the job mean you are more skilled than the new guy? My Dad loves to golf. During the summer he plays at least twice a week, and every other Sunday or so he’ll go to the driving range with his buddies to hit a bucket of balls. The last time I was home visiting he’d been to the range. When he came back he said: “You know, we’ve been going to that range for [...]

Do you rehearse tough conversations before hand? Why you should

I was in a client meeting yesterday reviewing the first draft of a course I was co-designing and then would co-facilitate with them for new Managers at a Global Consulting firm. The goal of the course is to improve oral communication skills both internally and externally. The ability to communicate with all stakeholders is critical to their firm’s success. Recent research from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business has reported that the primary cause of managerial failure is ineffective communication [...]