Why Storytelling Works as a Leadership Tool

Earlier in the year I was invited to join one of my clients, as a guest speaker along side their CEO, Sean Kavanagh. The venue was a webinar for Over 1,000 people registered to learn about Storytelling as a business tool. Our host started the conversation by asking: Why is storytelling so impactful? It’s a provocative question. I’ve given it a lot of thought in part, because I’ve earned my living as a storyteller and teacher of storytelling for over 2 decades. [...]


This sardonic question was posed by a reporter to a panel of scientists at the New York Academy of Sciences a few years ago. Courtesy of Upworthy, a video of the answer has been making to rounds of facebook, linkedin and twitter this week. The question refers to comments made by former Treasury Secretary and Harvard University President Lawrence Summers, who had publically suggested that “genetic differences” might explain why fewer women are in the sciences than men. The query created [...]