• One-on-one
• 1-day to 1-year engagements
• Senior contributors
• Preparing for key deliveries
• Sensitive business challenges

Get to the heart of the matter fast.

Private one-on-one sessions that help you get ready for your next…

  • Presentation
  • Board or Investor Meeting
  • Q&A
  • Facilitation
  • Difficult conversation
  • Sales conversation
  • Job Interview / Career Move

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Coaching clients are better able to…

  • Present more comfortably to senior executives
  • Read audiences and clients better
  • Deliver feedback more effectively
  • Coach their teams to better success
  • Overcome sales objections with more ease and confidence
  • Manage their time more efficiently
  • Influence clients
  • Tailor messages accordingly
  • Be thought of as a Trusted Advisor
  • Get a job!

We’ll create a development plan together and then I’ll teach you some core concepts to help with your issue. Sessions may include video-taping, practice conversations, journaling, worksheets and reading assignments.

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Coaching is individual and unique to each person. Here are some examples of the types of challenges I’ve helped people overcome:

  • 9 month engagement with C-Suite executive at Global Manufacturing company to improve working relationships with colleagues and the board. His 360 results said: “…excellent at execution, but leaves a trail of bodies in his path getting to his goal.” 
    • We worked on improving his EQ and helping him better manage his own frustrations.
  • 6 month engagement with newly promoted Regional Sales Manager at North American Pharmaceutical Company to help improve presentation skills. He’d been labeled as: “Brilliant, but boring.” This client got very nervous before high-stakes presentations.
    • We worked on techniques to calm him down and build his confidence. I also shared many skills that actors use to be expressive.
  • 6 month engagement with newly promoted Global Leader at International Pharmaceutical Company to learn and incorporate relevant stories into business presentations. This client was stepping into a global role for the first time. He knew he needed to learn to tailor his message to diverse audiences.
    • We worked on: ‘thinking into the mind of the listener. What is important to them? What are their hopes and fears.’ I also taught him how to purposefully use Narrative Structure to write a more compelling deck.
  • 12 month engagement with Vice President at Financial Services Company to help him strategize and execute his 2014/2015 business plan.
    • This work included: Stakeholder mapping, support navigating current company culture and improved Executive Presence.
  • 5 month engagement with Design Manager at Consulting Firm to improve her Executive Presence and Leadership Brand. This client was making the difficult transition from individual contributor to first-time manager.
    • We worked on Time Management skills, how to delegate without damaging relationships and spent time improving her vocal variety, so that she could command respect and attention on conference calls.