Communication & Influencing Skills Tips


Communication & Influencing skills tips. Answers to your questions about how to deal with difficult employees, turn a no into an opening and gain clarity on your own messaging.

Time to Brush Up Your LinkedIN Profile & Resume

It's the 2nd month of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The economy is reshaping itself as I type this. Whether you love your current job, or have been furloughed, during uncertain times it's always [...]

Personal Branding: Do you know your type?

Not long ago Forbes did a study on the topic of personal branding and reputation. They found that 70% of professionals believed they knew what their colleagues thought about them. Only 15% [...]

Accept That Praise. Or, Risk That Promotion.

When I first started working with groups of women as part of their Leadership Development programs, I was shocked to discover how often we brushed off recognition for our own accomplishments. Someone [...]