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How to Manage Q&A like a Pro

Over the years I’ve seen great presentations fall apart—both online and in person—because the speaker hadn’t thought ahead about how to handle Q&A. Here are four tips that will help you shine during [...]

Best Practice Actually Isn’t Best

One common business phrase I hear a lot is: Best Practice. I find ‘best’ an unproductive notion. (Ironically, it’s tossed around to help increase productivity.) When I ask clients if they want their [...]

Time to Brush Up Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume

It's the 2nd month of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The economy is reshaping itself as I type this. Whether you love your current job, or have been furloughed, during uncertain times it's always a [...]

6 Secrets Actors Use to Remember Their Lines

The most common question I (and many of my actor friends) am asked after a show is: How do you remember all those lines? There are many techniques we use to remember our lines, and you can use them next time you are called upon to deliver your company’s elevator pitch at a networking event or give a presentation to the boss at work.