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The Five Ps of Vocal Variety

Ever wondered how to increase your executive presence over the phone? Well, the readers of the Financial Post did too. Here’s what I shared with them about The Five Ps of Vocal Variety.

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Empathy Framework Financial Post article
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Empathy Framework helps leaders emit, understand range of emotions

Keynote Speaker, Carol Lempert: “a leader who can tap into what a person is feeling has emotional competency—or empathy.”

“The first is what people see when they look at you. The second is what they hear in your voice. The third is what people feel when they are in your
presence. If you, as a leader, can tap into what a person is feeling, and make them feel good about themselves, that is emotional competency or empathy.”

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Women have put a crack in the glass ceiling and Forbes asked me all about it!

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Forbes Women Crack the Glass Ceiling
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Thrilled that one of my clients thought to credit me with helping her build confidence at work. Kerri Palmer is Senior Vice President, Risk Management, and head of the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Network at Capital One. She was recently asked to be a guest blogger for Forbes / Entrepreneur. Her article: Want To Be More Confident? Stop Doing These 7 Things shares some wonderful insights. Have a read.

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Want to be more confident? Stop doing these 7 things.
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22 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

I was interviewed by Reader’s Digest and chosen as #5! What advice would you give your younger self?

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22 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self
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Carol on the Radio: The Good News With Angie Austin

On Angie’s radio show, Carol explains the 6 steps of BOUNCE and how you can have less stress in these 6 simple steps. A great fit for people and groups having to grapple with the pain of change.

The London Free Press
Gaining Nerves of Steel - London Free Press
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Once Upon A Time there were 5 Tales

appeared in Speaker Magazine.

Once Upon a Time by Carol Lempert in Speakers Magazine
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Speaker Magazine Cover March 2015
Get Camera Ready for Better Virtual Presence
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Get Camera Ready for Better Virtual Presence

Watch this 2 minute video from my interview with the Financial Post to learn how to look and sound like a pro on camera.

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A New York Times review: …
’Lempert is a lovely performer. Charming and resonant.’
The day I read that I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

And I’ve done a few commercials for these folks.

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Carol Lempert Commercial Demo

I’d love to work with you, too!

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Eileen Schloss
We engaged Carol as part of our 18-month leadership development program. To date, she has been rated as one of the ‘most impactful’ Speakers in our series.

Her ability to engage the audience and help them integrate her techniques into real, daily business interactions is exceptional. One of our sales executives reported having an “ah ha” moment in the middle of the speech. He said: Wow! I’m going to completely change how I approach our customers – making them the hero of the story instead of showing them how we are the heroes here to save them.

Eileen Schloss, EVP HR. Medidata Solutions Worldwide
Jeri Shelton
Carol gave an energetic and enlightening presentation on Speaking Up, Stepping Up & Moving Up for Philadelphia’s Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications. It was an early morning event and she had the attendees completely engaged and interacting immediately. The feedback from our members was great. “…one of the best WICT events of the year.” “…favorite Philly WICT event yet, I learned small things that I know will increase my presence at work.” Carol is an amazing speaker and facilitator.
Jerri Shelton, WICT Board Member
David Bloom
Carol Lempert creates vibrant and vital learning experiences for her program participants. Her sessions on Leadership Branding and Executive Storytelling are both entertaining and effective at promoting professional skills and organizational development. Carol “flips the classroom” to ensure that clients’ requirements are fully addressed. Her Broadway-to-Boardroom mastery makes a lasting impact, delivering deep value to participants and stakeholders.
David C. Bloom, Lecturer of Finance, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Christine Hepburn

Carol is an amazing coach! Worth every penny.

I’ve contracted her for our people for over 15 years and find her inspiring, engaging, professional and creative. She’s also incredibly versatile in her ability to coach and relate to many different kinds of people.

Christine Hepburn, Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager, AT Kearney
Christine Cox

After 20 years of corporate experience, I have attended many leadership programs with Accenture, Goldman Sachs and American Express – all great companies that invest in developing leaders. Of all the programs, your sessions are the most memorable and relevant to my daily challenges. Please continue doing what you are doing–it makes a difference while making everyone smile.

Christine Cox, Guest Panelist WICT, Vice President Digital Sales and Marketing
Glen Mohr

Carol’s training as an actress and skill as a coach gives her the ability to keep people engaged and make storytelling an experience that they remember and feel comfortable trying to emulate. She is willing and able to adapt her content to suit the size, experience level and cultural background of the audience. Would definitely work with her again.

Glen Mohr, President Mohr Collaborative
Wayne Hutchinson

Carol is an exceptional professional. She uses forward-thinking techniques to teach Executive Presence through embodied learning.

My program has had the pleasure of working with Carol for the past two years in a seminar course that involves 80+MBA students annually.

Watching Carol lead these sessions has been a treat. Her use of candor, humor, and empathy compliment her central teaching points wonderfully.

I emphatically recommend her!

Wayne Hutchinson, Director of Academic & Program Services, MSU
Art Hutchinson
Stories That Sell was a GREAT session!

The direct feedback I heard, as well as the evident impact on peoples’ thinking about their presentations, served as testaments to your ‘traction’ with a sometimes skeptical group of nearly 150 elite bankers from 30 different countries.

I hope we get the opportunity to work together soon.

Art Hutchinson, Founder & Principal, Cartegic Group
Jenny Tran

I was so impressed by Carol’s two-day training that I raved about it with my co-workers. Carol is a stellar example of how interdisciplinary skills in drama art and business can come together teach valuable lessons in communication and personal presence. What made Carol’s training so unique is that she provides and encourages candid feedback and then shows exactly how to address personal challenges.

Now, approximately six years later, I can say that I still recall Carol’s advice in that one training course. As I am embarking on a new phase of my career, Carol was gracious enough to speak to me as a mentor to offer her guidance and advice. As a mentor, Carol is just as candid as she is as a trainer and offers real advice that is immediately actionable. I highly recommend Carol as both a mentor and a corporate trainer.

Jenny Tran, President and Founder, Fint.Cloud
Kayla Young
It’s amazing how much Carol’s teachings have impacted my life – not just at work, but in my personal life as well. I’ve been mindful about practicing at every opportunity. My anxiety has lessened, presenting feels more natural, and I feel more patient and secure in my ability to control stressful situations.

I’ve shared some of her exercises with coworkers, and they’ve also found them to be extremely helpful!

Kayla Young, Senior Art Director, Leo Burnett
Michael Florentino

Carol is the kind of Keynote Speaker that delivers the right messaging and motivates people to learn and commit to positive changes. If you value such results then Carol will reliably deliver!

Michael Florentino, Senior Consultant, Amdocs
McKeel Hagerty

Carol Lempert is an extraordinary talent. Working with her will not only upgrade your executive presence and speech making capabilities, it will change your life. I have worked with her in a number of capacities and cannot recommend her enough.

My first experiences working with her were during my preparation for my term as global board chairman of YPO. Our focus was on storytelling and connecting with large audiences around the world. I was so impressed, I not only brought Carol into work with my executive team at Hagerty but also the entire YPO board of directors in Hong Kong.

Carol is brilliant, energetic and strategic. I cannot recommend her enough!

McKeel Hagerty, President and Chief Executive, Hagerty Insurance
Tricia Brouk
Carol Lempert is one of the most exceptional speakers I have ever worked with. Along with her ability to write a signature talk that is informational, inspiring and transformative, her expertise as a working actor lends to her ease of knowing how to deliver a captivating performance every time. If you want to count on having a exceptional speaker that will move you to action while making you feel something, call Carol immediately for your next event.
Tricia Brouk, Director, Writer, Producer, Curator, Coach
David Micha
Carol’s skills as a speaker are terrific! Her willingness to engage with our audience made an impact on each participant. Our sales team started selling with stories within a few days of Carol’s Stories that Sell talk. We are definitely going to have her back to work with our other teams soon.
David Micha, Director of Commercial Operations, Western Markets at Molecular Devices
Marielle Sander
Many understand the value of communicating a strong message, but communicating so that people take action can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.  Having benefited from Carol Lempert’s expertise in different settings (workshop, presentation and speaker’s salon), I am an unequivocal fan of her work and her message that we could all benefit from the skills and techniques actors employ in their different roles.

While other trainers may focus solely on content and medium, Carol goes deeper into message and presence. She looks at body language and what lies behind the way our subconscious conveys a message. For example, is what we say, do, and how we appear aligned with our message? What crutches to we employ under stress? How would an actor do it? The sessions are highly interactive and fun! No power points, no rote learning – it’s all about communicating on your feet and knowing yourself as a communicator so that you can do your best every time to move people to take action to change policies, save lives and ultimately creating a world worth living for.

Marielle Sander, UNFPA