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McKeel Hagerty
Carol Lempert is an extraordinary talent. Working with her will not only upgrade your executive presence and speech making capabilities, it will change your life. I have worked with her in a number of capacities and cannot recommend her enough.

My first experiences working with her were during my preparation for my term as global board chairman of YPO. Our focus was on storytelling and connecting with large audiences around the world. I was so impressed, I not only brought Carol into work with my executive team at Hagerty but also the entire YPO board of directors in Hong Kong.

Carol is brilliant, energetic and strategic. I cannot recommend her enough!

McKeel Hagerty, President and Chief Executive, Hagerty Insurance
David Micha
Carol’s skills as a speaker are terrific! Her willingness to engage with our audience made an impact on each participant. Our sales team started selling with stories within a few days of Carol’s Stories that Sell talk. We are definitely going to have her back to work with our other teams soon.
David Micha, Director of Commercial Operations, Western Markets at Molecular Devices
Ali Intres

“I recently partnered with Carol on bringing Presenting with Telepresence to my new team at Forbes. Like other experiences I’ve had with Carol she offered invaluable insights, feedback and tips on how to get more out of virtual meetings, presentations and team collaboration. Carol easily adapts to different industries and has an engaging approach that captivates her audiences.”

Ali Intres, SVP, Human Resources, Forbes
Giles Snare
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences asked Carol to develop and deliver training to our global our commercial teams to use Story Telling skills to improve develop our selling skills repertoire. Carol took time to understand our objectives in depth. She went above and beyond our expectations to understand our business in depth. This diligence enhanced the focus and relevance of the training delivered to over 500 associates at our Global Sales Meeting in Washington DC. The training was perfectly prepared with a high level of associate involvement, both in the presentations to the complete group, but also in the smaller group working sessions. Carol’s preparation and attention to detail was impressive and her delivery to large and small audiences was entertaining, informative and compelling. We have had feedback from the attendees and the resounding message is that their new Story Telling skills will help them be more effective in their roles. Personally, I have used the story telling approach in a recent Danaher Leadership meeting presentation and the feedback was very positive.
Giles Snare, VP, Global Commercial Operations, Danaher Corporation
Kate Shamsuddin Jensen
I have had the great pleasure of working with Carol over the last year. She served as a personal coach, helping me develop my executive communication and leadership style. Through each of our personalized sessions I’ve learned a tremendous amount and walked away with a growing set of tools. I am indebted to Carol for helping me prep for many important meetings this year, ranging from board meetings to keynotes speeches to company kick-off rallies. Her support, guidance, and hands-on coaching style to improve my communication style/approach were exactly what I needed!
Kate Shamsuddin Jensen, Chief Product Officer, Definitive Healthcare
Jeffrey Pease
If you want to perform like a star on the stage of business and life, you need to hire Carol Lempert. As a CMO, I worked with her at two successive companies and have recommended her to many more. Her curriculum, based on her acting background is unique and her style models the riveting presentation style and powerful executive presence she teaches.
Jeffrey Pease, CMO and Founder of Message Mechanics
Jennifer Odietus
Carol is a speaker who has the unique and powerful ability to connect with people across cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Over the past few years, Carol has facilitated multiple sessions on the topic of Resilience with the leaders of our Associate Resource Groups (ARGs). During a time where these leaders were feeling especially strained, she offered a space for folks to get the care they needed to move forward. She has also run programs for women on Executive Presence and Personal Branding. I HIGHLY recommend Carol as a trusted partner in DEI and other training efforts.
Jenn Odietus, Director, Talent Management, Cepheid
Leyla Lesina
I brought Carol in to help my executive leadership team learn techniques to better lead and engage their remote teams. The session was so impactful several executives on my team are bringing her back to teach these same skills to their people leaders. Additionally, I wanted my entire organization of 140+ people to learn how to strengthen their resiliency. Carol’s session: Building Resilience by Taking Care was a big hit! I highly recommend her.
Leyla Lesina, Senior Vice President, Guardian Life
Arturo Hernandez
Carol is a wonderful speaker. She facilitated a terrific storytelling in business discussion as part of Maximizing Leadership Potential training at Danaher. There was great interaction and engagement. She brought insights and lots of practical ideas regarding using storytelling at work. I can’t wait to share my insights from this seminar with other colleagues!
Arturo Hernandez, Commercial Director, Danaher Corporation
Michelle de la Paz
I recently attended a keynote on personal branding and executive presence with Carol as our guest speaker. Carol kept the session very fresh, interactive, and SO entertaining. Her content was just incredible – original, creative, relevant, useful, inspiring and very uplifting! I truly feel that this has been THE best training I have had in my professional career. I highly recommend Carol and her work.
Michelle de la Paz, Regional Water Consultant, Pall Medical
Austin Conti
Carol’s expertise within psychology and the science behind communication is vital to any executive looking to communicate their message both internally to their company, and externally to the market. I highly recommend Carol’s services for anyone looking to hone their communication and presentation skills.

Her sessions are not only informative and valuable but also a lot of fun!

Austin Conti, CEO, Co-Founder, Tenna
Eric Giesing
My team spent last week working with the talented Carol Lempert on Executive Presence and No More Death by Powerpoint. We focused on:

-Organizing your content and supporting materials
-Grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention
-Managing the vulnerability of Q&A

Then, the team put their new skills to the test with a fun, high stakes Shark Tank pitch to Senior Leadership. Every single one of them improved! All thanks to Carol’s expertise.

Eric Giesing, Director, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences/Danaher
Shibu Gangadharan
Carol is a gem of amongst gems when it comes to speakers. It is rare to come across a person who has the ability to translate life experiences into life lessons and make them relatable to audiences. Carol has that uncanny ability. She disarms you with her smile, breaks through barriers with her infectious enthusiasm and uses her humility to help you find solutions that work for you.

Her ability to connect at a personal level, while working a crowd, is unparalleled and at the same time making sure universal lessons are absorbed easily without sounding overly pedantic. She grabs your attention from the first minute and doesn’t let go of it long after her session has ended. I thank you for all you have done for me and my group, Carol.

Shibu Gangadharan, Vice President, Strategic Development, Cepheid
Christine Dykeman

Carol spoke to our participants about “Getting Camera Ready”. She was adaptable and used her prior life experiences to customize her presentation for the interests of our group. She is a public speaker and actress by trade but is a natural born trainer and motivator. She lights up the room when she enters it, and her participants hang onto every word she says. Her high energy presentation style is very open and inviting to questions from all listeners. I highly recommend Carol for any speaking engagements, workshop facilitations or keynote addresses!

Christine Dykeman, Counsellor, Monmouth County Workforce Development
Monique Russell

Carol Lempert is a powerful, authentic and gifted speaker. It was invigorating to watch her command the attention of the audience at The American Express Success Summit and draw people in as she taught effective strategies on executive presence. Every point she made was beautifully illustrated in an engaging story which led to many “aha” and “wows” in the room. I was so mesmerized by her delivery and perfect incorporation of just in time learning strategies, I made a dash to chat with her afterward but she was already surrounded by other grateful listeners. I had the great fortune to be seated next to Carol in a closing session and we had the most delightful conversation. Carol, you are a gem! Thank you for your words of wisdom, guidance and resources!

Monique Russell, Coach, Clear Communications Solutions
Christine Hepburn

Carol is an amazing coach! Worth every penny.

I’ve contracted her for our people for over 15 years and find her inspiring, engaging, professional and creative. She’s also incredibly versatile in her ability to coach and relate to many different kinds of people.

Christine Hepburn, Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager, AT Kearney
Michael Florentino
Carol is the kind of Keynote Speaker that delivers the right messaging and motivates people to learn and commit to positive changes. If you value such results then Carol will reliably deliver!
Michael Florentino, Senior Consultant, Amdocs