One day to better storytelling

Great story telling is more than just entertainment; it’s an essential and underutilized professional business tool. If you are not using storytelling to motivate and engage your teams you may be failing to communicate the importance of your message. The risk? Everyone stays content with the status quo and none of your ideas gain traction. Throughout the day participants engage in hands-on activities designed to build their storytelling skills and confidence.
  • Develop storytelling techniques that amplify your impact
  • Make messages more compelling and ‘stickier’
  • Improve your engagement and connection with audiences, staff and clients
  • Leaders MUST be able to move teams to action. Learn the 6 stories that will:
    1. Manage change more effectively
    2. Get buy-in to an idea
    3. Communicate a vision
    4. Reinforce the company mission
    5. Align on company values
    6. Share best practices
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