Text Etiquette & Your Virtual Presence: A Quick Tip

I’ve written before about the three dimensions of Executive Presence. They are:  

1.) What people see when they look at you—your ability to demonstrate poise and confidence.

2.) What people hear when they are in conversation with you—your ability to create trust and psychological safety.

3.) How people feel after they’ve had an interaction with you—your ability to connect with them and empathize.

Here’s a quick tip to help increase your virtual presence as it relates to #3.

Text Etiquette

About the Author:

I started my career as a professional actress and now work with business folks helping them increase their executive presence by learning the skills actors use to have great stage presence. Clients include: Google, Comcast and the Harvard Executive Education program (yes, THAT Harvard. My Mom is too proud.) Typically companies bring me in as a keynote speaker or workshop leader. Let's talk about how I can help you, too.

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