One common business phrase I hear a lot is: Best Practice. I find ‘best’ an unproductive notion. (Ironically, it’s tossed around to help increase productivity.) When I ask clients if they want their teams to:

  • get good at something
  • get better at something
  • be the best at something

everyone says: “I want to be the best.”

Best is Singular

The problem is, “best” is singular. There is only one team that can be the best. What about the rest of the organization?

When you focus on helping your people get better, they’ll surpass where they are right now. That’s how to get your business to grow. Work at helping people get better. Better at giving presentations. Better at making sales calls. Better at telling compelling customer stories. Better at working remotely.

Coaching Makes You Better

The ‘best’ way to do all that? Through coaching.

Coaches work to help high-potential, and struggling employees, gain self-awareness, clarify their goals, achieve their development objectives and unlock their potential. We act as a resource, a sounding board, an accountability partner and a cheerleader.

A skilled coach will make your people better—and I think better is the best outcome all round.