TelePresence/Working from home

How to Manage Q&A like a Pro

Over the years I’ve seen great presentations fall apart—both online and in person—because the speaker hadn’t thought ahead about how to handle Q&A. Here are four tips that will help you shine during [...]

How to Improve Your Telepresence

Whether you are working from home, or leading a remote team, your executive presence is going to be judged through a computer screen. To give you an edge, let’s unpack what makes for [...]

How to Run an Effective Virtual Meeting

A friend of mine called yesterday to complain about the way his boss runs the weekly staff meeting. “He tells us to use the chat box to send him questions, then he never [...]

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged When Presenting Online

It's 4:00 pm. You’re the last presenter of a two-hour long agenda. Everyone is working remotely. How in the world are you going to get people engaged with your material? Here are a [...]

How to Network at a Virtual Summit?

A client recently emailed me with this predicament: "I accepted a speaking gig for the networking opportunities before Covid-19 and #WFH. The event is now virtual. How in the world am I going [...]

Zoom Fatigue

What can I do about Zoom/Video Fatigue? Here are three rather simple tips to help combat Zoom/Video fatigue Eyestrain and the 20-20-20 Rule Perhaps the first thing to address is not: what-to-do-about-Zoom-fatigue, but [...]